Character is a person’s unique set of mental and moral traits. It’s a mix of our daily routines and activities.

We occasionally meet people with great character – people who appear to thrive in hardship and never lose sight of the significance of doing the right thing.

The majority of people with strong characteristics have suffered a terrible failure or loss that shaped their character.

This terrible failure or loss isn’t unique to these people, it happens to everyone.

Instead, they are unusual in their desire to learn from their mistakes. They forge themselves with heat and fire.

Life and business will always have their ups and downs. However, how you respond to such moments is a reflection of your character and will shape your future.

Whenever you meet someone with exceptional character and mental strength, simply ask them to tell you their story. Watch for a story about a defining loss.

It will be good.

This coming Thursday, 28 April 2022 at 1830 [CAT] we will be hosting young entrepreneurs who have experienced failure and persevered nevertheless.

For more information and to register for the session, here is the link —> MyBiggestBlunders

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