The crucifixion of Jesus Christ was commemorated this past weekend, according to the Christian religion. This is a day when Christians commemorate Jesus’ sacrifice in laying down his life for the salvation of all mankind.

Whether or not this narrative makes sense to you, what constantly jumps out for me as a lesson to remember is that as a Christian, I should not always live just for my own benefit. It is critical to help people in the same way that Jesus did.

Isolated self-reliance is simple to achieve. When we get preoccupied with our own self-interest, we are sure to lose sight of the fact that our lives are worth only to the degree that we are important to others around us.

The concept is to be blessed in order to bless others.

The goal is to develop ourselves so that we may assist others in developing themselves.

The concept is to live our lives in the service of others in order to help them live.

It is not about you, rather, it is about providing a service to other people.

Everyone we come into contact with should have their lives impacted in such a manner that they are better off than they were before we met them.

Whether you believe in Christianity or not, the lesson is that Christianity is more about helping others rather than about receiving benefits for one’s own sake.

In his iconic book How Will You Measure Your Life, the Clay Christensen says:


“When I have my interview with God, our conversation will focus on the individuals whose self-esteem I was able to strengthen, whose faith I was able to reinforce, and whose discomfort I was able to assuage—a doer of good, regardless of what assignment I had. These are the metrics that matter in measuring my life.”


The measure we should aim for is to be blessed to the point of benefiting others.

I’m happy that you got your breakthrough, I’m very delighted that God answered your dreams. I hope and pray that you will allow yourself to be a vessel that also helps others.

Count your blessings, embrace them, and most importantly, share them.

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