Fear of failure thrives on being avoided. Action is stifled and pleasure is destroyed, dreams are deferred.

Fear of failure prefers we don’t discuss or think about it.

We are secure if we do nothing. When we attempt to act, fear confronts us.

The goal of fear is to keep us subdued.

Ask yourself, what if I fail? As you respond, write down your ideas.

What if the individual refuses my friendship?

What if they reject my prototype?

What if I try and lose?

What if I try and lose?

What if she says no?

It’s not horrible. It never is. It’s sometimes great and liberating.

Sure, we need boundaries. But, nowadays, I believe we need more risk and less status quo. Embracing change improves our life. And better lives build a better world.

The truth is that even if you fail, the sky will not fall.

Even if we failed, it’s alright. We’ll learn. We’ll improve. and we’ll try again tomorrow.

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