Marketing and sales strategies often focus on gaining new clients.

We spend as much [if not more] effort developing passion for our products as we do manufacturing, marketing, and servicing them.

As an entrepreneur, you must sell a story that connects with your target market. We achieve this by clearly defining who are customers are.

Choosing who to sell to:

  1. Allows you to clearly define your value.
  2. Allows you to thrive at servicing the right people.
  3. Enhances marketing, sales, and customer service.
  4. So you spend less time convincing and more time satisfying.
  5. Seeing opportunities that a generalist does not.
  6. Builds client intimacy and loyalty.
  7. Makes you an expert in your subject.
  8. It enables your best work.

It’s all about picking and choosing who you work with.

It’s as crucial to know who you’re not for as it is to know your clients are.

Choose your consumers, and you will be able to choose your future.

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