Insufficient effort leads to wasted work.

If you do a poor job, the roof leaks, the food is not delicious, and the car won’t start. Insufficient effort is a waste of time.

The industrial capitalist’s goal is to work hard enough. Maximise value with little effort. Just do what you are told, no need to care more.

Build a house that will not collapse, using materials that will last long enough to avoid a claim.

Then there’s a third option.

Putting up more effort than most people think is required. Going the extra mile, caring more, listening more, doing better, more patience.

This is a great example of paying close attention to the smallest details. Design should be approached with caution. It’s important to follow up on customer service. This love of wabi-sabi, is the polar opposite of laziness.

This is bringing rare and useful compassion to the workplace, even though most people would prefer shortcut.

More effort equals more beauty, magic, and uniqueness.

Perfectionism is a false hope and a hiding place. Effort on the other hand allows us to do meaningful work, work that truly matters.

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