To save time, one of my buddies at varsity used to brush his teeth while bathing.

How much time does he save? Not much.

Incorrect question. No matter how much time he saves, his morning habit continues because he believes he is saving time.

We spend a lot of time attempting to change people’s opinions by appealing to rationality.

We, like the individuals we are attempting to reach, are not rational people.

We often buy stuff based on our emotions and then rationalise our decisions.

We frequently put our emotions ahead of logic.

Ideas that spread, products that sell, and services that are used all appeal to the thinking and feeling client. Maybe you, too, should adopt this stance.

Amuse me, but also make me think.

At Lora Centre, we are starting a Customer Care Short Course, we assess your ability to appeal to the feelings and rationality of your customers. Register today, we begin on April 4, 2022.

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