Irrespective of whether the procedure went well or not, the amount of empathy, attention to detail, and care that the dentist displayed should begin far earlier than the patient sitting in the dentist’s chair.

Every day, we begin the journey with our consumers, and along the way, there will be ‘moments of truth,’ or opportunities to either disappoint or amaze them. 

We often think of ‘moments of truth’ as happening during a customer service crisis, and we devote a great deal of our efforts to satisfying customers during such moments.

However, ‘moments of truth’ occur on a regular basis.

Customers have certain “givens” or “bare minimums” that they expect to be met, and they are dissatisfied if these “givens” or “bare minimums” are not met. 

And then there are possibilities to create ‘magic,’ ‘to walk on water‘ which is where we often direct our attention while providing customer service. 

It’s natural to want to impress others, but we sometimes lose sight of the fact that concentrating on the “givens” is just as crucial as performing the magic.

Don’t just focus on creating magic, do the basics well.

In our rush to impress the consumer, we often forget about the fundamentals.

Master the basics: starting on time and finishing on time, being organized, being tidy, being prepared, paying attention, meeting basic expectations, and being polite are all basic recommendations.

We impress by paying as much attention to the ‘givens’ as we do to the magic. We must accomplish both at the same time.

What are the “givens” in your customer’s journey, and where do you have the opportunity to work your magic to make it memorable?

At Lora Centre, we are starting a Customer Care Short Course, we will review the customer journey map and identify which areas are ‘givens’ and which areas are your opportunity to make ‘magic.’  Register today, we begin on April 4, 2022.

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