Every startup is under the assumption that it must advertise to everyone. As a result, we make compromises to get sales numbers on the board.

Our best work, however, is not possible until we generate the guts and conviction to begin serving our ideal consumers.

Not everyone is your customer. There is no customer called everyone.

When it comes to gaining new customers, there are two approaches:

We can produce something generic that we believe the majority of people will want, and we can do it more quickly and at a lower cost than our competitors.

Alternatively, we can identify the unmet needs of a certain set of individuals that we are eager to serve and design goods, services, and marketing messages just for them.

It is not enough to just open the door to everyone and hope for the best when building a successful brand or company.

Successful brands understand why they do what they do, who they serve best, and how to promote their product to them.

When it comes to effective selling methods, customer discernment is just as crucial as brand uniqueness. In fact, both are equally important.

If you’re interested in developing a better knowledge of your ideal client, our Customer Care Short Course may help.

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