A great jazz concert is when the musicians give each other an opportunity to shine on the night of the performance.

As artists, we’re all having a good time, and we’re giving each other permission to play and listen to each other intensely.

When we offer one another the opportunity to speak and listen to each other, we have great and profound talks.

It is about dialoging rather than monologuing. Listening is just as essential as speaking.

It goes to reason that we have a higher chance of being heard by our customer when we speak at times when they are actively listening, rather than when it is most convenient for us to speak.

It is not only what we say but also how we say it that is important. If we want to meet our consumers and clients where they are, we must go to where they are. 

We always have the customer’s eyes and ears in a crisis.

Knowing when to talk and when to shut up and listen is the hallmark of great conversations and deep connections.

Are you able to talk at the appropriate moments throughout a conversation?

Are you able to keep quiet and listen at the appropriate moments throughout a conversation?

When do you think your consumers are paying attention?

As with jazz musicians, the beauty is in letting each other shine.

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