Simplifier: Look what I have got.

Multiplier: Let’s get it out there fast.

If you were to bring someone into your business at this point in its development to collaborate with, with whom would you partner? Simplifier or multiplier?

I’m confident that it will be a multiplier.

When you go into a room during a networking event, who do you think you’ll spend the most of your time talking with?

I’m certain that I’ll be spending more time with a multiplier in the future.

When you understand who you are [simplifier vs. multiplier], it is easier to determine who you need on your entrepreneurial path.

Once you understand who you are, you may look for the ideal collaborator: your polar opposite.

According to Dan Sullivan, when a simplifier tries to be a multiplier, or when a multiplier tries to be a simplifier, he or she actually becomes a complicator.

You are not in your most productive condition when you are a complicator.

Dan Sullivan, in his podcast with Peter Diamandis, dubbed Exponential Wisdom, has done an excellent job of deconstructing these concepts for us.

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