Do you know an entrepreneur who has a fantastic concept or product but no one knows about it? In most instances, such an entrepreneur is a fantastic simplifier who struggles to be an effective multiplier.

It’s similar to a brilliant soccer player living in a remote region without the benefit of scouts to help him or her discover their potential.

Brilliant simplifiers need the use of equally brilliant multipliers.

The goal is to identify your own personal strengths and then concentrate on them.

The advice is if you are a simplifier, concentrate on being a simplifier; if you are a multiplier, concentrate on being a multiplier.

Simplifier + Multiplier = Confusion.

When you strive to be both a simplifier and a multiplier at the same time, you are more likely to struggle to be successful at both.

It was Steve Jobs who needed a Steve Wozniak in the same manner that Steve Wozniak needed a Steve Jobs.

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