Being a leader entails displaying profound caring for people, processes and outcomes. This caring reveals itself in many little ways:

  • Keeping promises and following through
  • Ensuring that customer needs are reflected in the room
  • Respect people’s time by showing up on time and, responding to them as soon as they contact you.
  • Arriving on time and prepared
  • Organising successful gatherings
  • Never being afraid to raise the difficult questions, and always doing so in a productive and constructive manner
  • Keeping meticulous records of one’s thought process and reasoning
  • Bringing a positive attitude to the table
  • Seeking to understand before seeking to be understood
  • Demonstrating significant concern for team members by providing them with opportunities to learn and improve.

You can be in a leadership position or you can care about people. Although the two looks to be the same, they are not the same.

You want to be a leader that cares about people. You can’t lead people you antagonise.

People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.

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