When I was younger, taking pictures using rolls of photographic film was the norm, as was using keypads that took up 40% of the front of your mobile phone and returning a rented DVD by 12 p.m. the next day on a Saturday and Sunday.

What is significant now may become meaningless tomorrow, not because it stopped being functional, but because people’s beliefs and the manner in which they think, behave, and feel change with time.

The environment in which what works takes place is consistent with the ideas and actions of those who are in favour of it.

As entrepreneurs, inventors, artists, and creators, we have a choice between two paths.

Simply providing clients with what they want today is one option; however, making it our job to understand where the people we serve want to go and then taking them there is an alternative.

Our destination is not to convert negative films into positive photographs, but rather to capture the most important moments in life.

Our destination is not to type with cumbersome buttons on our phones, but rather to communicate with the people we care about using gadgets that are simple and convenient.

Our destination is to be entertained without having to rush to the rental shop in order to return a VHS video of Jean-Claude Van Damme’s Bloodsport without incurring a late return fee.

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