This blog is full of discussions on failure, the emotions associated, getting ourselves up, focusing on the process, and learning from them. I thought I would explain why I do it.

There are not enough blogs about everyday living on the internet. There are several blog postings about how to effectively sell, advertise, and create a business.

Many blogs celebrate successful people and reflect on why they became successful. These speak about “7 ways to be happy” or “30 things to keep you productive.” I usually skimmed through all of these blogs, but they don’t do failure justice.

Experiments show that when we face an opponent that is 7% superior and stronger, we only win 30% of the time. This suggests that while facing a 7% greater opponent, we fail 70% of the time.

The conditions [our biggest opponent] are usually 7-10% better than we are. That’s a 70-80% failure rate. It is part of life to fail and triumph. This means we are likely to fail in many things before we succeed.

When we were babies, we tripped over a lot before we learned to walk.

When starting a business, it is inevitable that you will make errors and fail before finally succeeding.

In most cases, earlier failures don’t matter since it only takes one positive item to work out. You simply need one victory. That victory will soften the pain of the previous failures. Every little bit counts.

As a result, we spend 70-80% of our lives dealing with difficulties and failures. Despite this, we don’t speak about it often. Instead, when we compare the highlight reels of our friends on Instagram to our grimy “behind-the-scenes” film, we discover that our efforts to fight failure is even more weakened.

That is why I speak often about failure. On some level, it informs me that everything in the world is normal. I hope it informs you of this as well since we all face difficulties.

The decisions we make establish who we are as individuals. For those who are now experiencing difficulties, life has repeatedly proved to me that a good process, a good heart, and hard work will get you through to the end of the tunnel.

We do. We fail. We learn. We love. We laugh. We live. That, I suppose, is the primary purpose of this blog.

Sawubona, we see you.

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