Let us take a look at some cold, hard, and entertaining facts.

When I searched for the hashtag #me on Instagram one morning in mid-September, I received over 123 million hits.

A total of 466,000 new people had been added in only 18 hours.

Assuming we round that number up to half a million every day, that equates to 26,000 images with the hashtag “me” being published to Instagram per hour.

It is now difficult to develop goods and services without taking into account the beliefs of your prospective customers and knowing what they are willing to pay for them.

It is becoming more important to people to consider what their choices, and the products and services they buy, consume, share, or connect to, say about them.

What people care about is not our goods, it is their journey, their story, and the significance that they can bring to their lives, which we are learning about.

It turns out that the secret to making anything really amazing is to create something that alters people’s emotions and causes them to fall just a little bit more in love with themselves, rather than with the product or service we offer.

With our Customer Care 8 Weeks online course, you can transform your customer care staff into a competitive advantage and an engine for development.

Our training is designed to help you and your team understand what consumers say about themselves, the stories they tell themselves, the journeys they want to take, and your role in assisting them in getting there. It is more about them than it is about you.

Apply for the Lora Centre’s 8-Weeks Online Customer Care Course to empower yourself and your team.

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