Most of us are pretty insecure creatures.

So when we go to work each day, we want people to think we are smart, strong and together. Pure ego tripping.

We believe that the best leader is the one who talks the most, speaks the loudest and listens the least.

We believe that the person doing most of the talking is the one who has all of the answers.


Leadership is about listening.

Leadership is allowing others to feel heard.

It does take a brave person to turn down the noise of their ego so they can turn up the volume of their listening.

It takes really powerful and secure human being to be quiet enough to let the ideas of others be considered and heard.

Most of the effective leaders I have worked with do more listening than talking.

Listening [the first competence of leadership] is not a skill, it is a discipline. All you have to do is keep your mouth shut. — Peter Drucker

Great leaders are great listeners.

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