This looks like an interesting Monopoly to play. Here YOU will physically feel the: Go To Jail, Do not pass begin, to do not collect $200.

Entrepreneurship is practical.

You don’t become a successful entrepreneur in the classroom, you grow by implementing, making mistakes and learning from them.

In the same way you don’t learn how to ride a bike by getting a distinction in the classroom, you learn by physically getting on the bike and attempting to ride, there is a high chance you will fall the first or second time, but if you persevere, you will get it right it eventually. Entrepreneurship is no different.

Entrepreneurship is a physical real monopoly game. No fake money, and no fake go to jail. It’s real money and if things go horribly wrong, you may land yourself in jail, physically.

Learn as much as you can in class and then go implement.

I have no doubt you will do well.

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