After reading Leonardo Da Vinci, Steve Jobs, Benjamin Franklin, and The Code Breaker and I thought I had read Walter Isaacson’s best biographies, until I started reading Einstein: His Life and Universe.

A few pages in and it is easily proving to be an amazing read.

Here is an interesting paragraph from the book about Einstein and his wife:


Despite his reputation for being aloof, he was in fact passionate in both his personal and scientific pursuits. At college he fell madly in love with the only woman in his physics class, a dark and intense Serbian named Mileva Maric. They had an illegitimate daughter, then married and had two sons. She served as a sounding board for his scientific ideas and helped to check the math in his papers, but eventually their relationship disintegrated.

Einstein offered her a deal.

He would win the Nobel Prize someday, he said: if she gave him a divorce, he would give her the prize money. She thought for a week and accepted. Because his theories were so radical, it was seventeen years after his miraculous outpouring from the patent office before he was awarded the prize and she collected.


I found this paragraphs thought-provoking. But then again, this is why he is Einstein, and most of us aren’t.

Ps: I did some brief desktop research on Mileva Maric and found her very fascinating.

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