Do you remember Lethabo who booked regular sessions and always opened your newsletter updates?

Or Lethabo who stopped by on her way to work every day for a skinny latte?

How about Jo who religiously shared your blog posts and Mark who sent clients your way?

Have you seen or heard much from them lately?

They were probably the kind of customers, followers and evangelists who did not spend a fortune or sign up to your top level coaching program.

But they and others like them became your bread and butter over time.

They may not have given you millions of rands of business, but their sales kept your business running from day to day.

Where are they now?

Maybe you took them for granted when they were there, but you miss them now they are gone.

While you are busy building your business it is easy to forget that no customer is forever. And yet forever is what you should be working on.

Forever takes patience, insight and leaving your ego at the door.

Forever is being human, walking in your client’s shoes and understanding what they want before they know it themselves.

Forever means failing, apologising and getting it right next time.

Forever comes from creating connection and moments of joy in every interaction.

Sometimes forever means treating different customers differently.

Forever is remembering that there are five other cafes in the same street and 34 million search results for ‘life coach’ in Google.

Forever means working out what you could be doing better.

How are you working on forever?

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