Here is a thought, why don’t we adopts a different approach to new year resolutions?

Instead of deciding on a new year resolution like “I will eat better food this year”, how about we try the following:

1. Decide on 3 things you would like to achieve this year
E.g. Better health, better relationships etc – vague is okay. Write them down. If they are not written, they are not happening.

2. Break them down into a few daily “core” activities
E.g. Better health = 30 minutes of exercise + Maintain daily food journal.

3. Find a coach
If you are serious about achieving something, get an accountability partner. Start with someone you know who does what you want to do, well.

4. Commit to sending this coach a daily update on your score for the day with a consequence if you don’t achieve your target.
E.g. R1 to charity for every day you miss 30 minutes of exercise. If you really want something done, raise the consequence.

5. Set aside 15 minutes of “Re-commitment” time every weekend to review your progress for the week, and plan for the next.
This can be done with your coach if you prefer that.

These five steps will be a bitter pill to swallow if you decide to get to it.

If ease and comfort is what you are looking for, then I would definitely recommend the usual fluffy new year’s resolution that will be shelved within the next 15 days.

There is a danger this might actually help us get the “resolution” accomplished.

Happy New Year.

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