In one of his interviews, Zwai Bala of TKZee says that their album Halloween was an incomplete project.

They ran out of time to finish it and due to the deadline they were given, they have to submit what they had done so far.

The interesting thing is that Halloween became a huge success when it was released in 1998.

The thing about projects is that, more often than not, we do not get to have enough time to complete and release them.

If you wanted, you could tweak one song, one chapter, one design, until the day you died. And still never finish it.

It is almost done. It is getting there. Just a few more tweaks. I’m not quite happy with it. It still needs a little extra something. I’m gonna keep tinkering. With this attitude, it would be really easy to never bring anything to completion.

But somewhere along the way the idea of Release Dates was invented and became a normal practice.

If you were an artist it became about making music and RELEASING music.

If you were an author it became about writing books and RELEASING books.

If you were an entrepreneur, it became about starting an enterprise and RELEASING products.

Releasing is not only a gift to your audience but a gift to yourself as the producer.

Releasing is about letting go and starting on a new project.

It is a natural [much needed] jumping off point, break off point, setting yourself free to let this one go and go work on another with your full attention and effort.

I did not know that TKZee’s Halloween project was “incomplete”, but I’m glad that Tokollo, Kabelo and Zwai released it and let it go anyway.

Finishing projects and launching them is great, but holding longer to them because you are not finished, is a form of hiding. You are never going to be 100% ready.

  • No, it’s not too soon, let it go and see what happens.
  • No, it’s not too late, better late than never.
  • No, it’s not technically risky, it is unique.
  • No, it’s not boring, it’s for a different audience.
  • Yes, it will offend retailers and that’s okay.
  • Yes, there are significant legal issues, find a way to make it work
  • Yes, the plant is too backed up to produce this, make a plan.
  • Yes, it will take too much training to support, but it will be worth it.
  • Yes, the media won’t get it, it’s not for them.
  • Yes, our industry is too regulated, apologise later.
  • Yes, there is no room in this year’s budget, someone who likes it will fund it.
  • Yes, it might fail, the sky won’t fall because the project failed.
  • Yes, our big competitor will steal it, and we will sue them.
  • It has been done before, but not your way.
  • It has never been done before, even more reasons why you should do it now.
  • People will laugh at us, at first, but they will be glad you ignored them and did it anyway.

What’s the project?

[Make ‘the project’ manageable, finite, time-dated and do-able (or failable). Subprojects are fine.] If you can’t write it down, you don’t have a project.

When to release it?

Please give a date and a time.

Who is responsible for releasing it?

You can list team members, but only one person is responsible. Put a * next to her name

Thank you to whoever created the concept of RELEASE DATE.

You have brilliance in you, your contribution is valuable, and the art you create
is precious. Only you can do it, and you must. I’m hoping you will stand up and
choose to make a difference.

PS: I’m still torn between Sikelela [Sanford and Son theme] or Mambotjie. 🙂

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