The thing with fireplaces is that if you want to keep your home warm on a cold day, you have to ensure that there is always fire in the fireplace.

This requires that you at least have a log of wood burning inside.

But importantly this requires that you pay attention to the fire, ensure that you have enough dry wood in the house, and that you pace yourself by adding a couple of logs at a time.

Occasionally if you are not too careful, you may burn your hand slightly.

Fireplaces requires some bit of air, so don’t suffocate the fire by depriving it of some air to breathe.

If you neglect your fireplace, if you get distracted and pre-occupied with other things, or if you leave the house for too long, the fire will die.

Focus, pay attention, pace yourself and the fire will always be there. Otherwise if you don’t, you will find yourself in a cold place.

Look after your fire at home.

The same principle applies in various forms of relationships: Work, home, business, talent and passion or friendships etc.

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