There will always be something that is broken, not working according to our expectations.

You don’t have to look very far to find something that is broken around us.

You want to be annoyed, you will find something to annoy you.

You want to be frustrated, you will find something that frustrates you not too far.

Whether at work, or in our personal lives, you will find things to annoy you, if you are looking for them.

Just turn on the news channel and see how you will feel after 5 minutes of watching.

The challenge is not to avoid broken things around us, you can’t, they are everywhere. We all have some brokenness in us.

You can choose to focus on the broken things, or you can redirect your efforts and energy on fixing what you can [where you are], and focus on what gives you joy.

When something gives you joy, be happy and focus on it. Don’t split your focus on what gives you joy and on what frustrates you.

The great news is that you have the power of choice.

You can choose to focus on what is broken, or you can choose to focus on what is working and build from there.

When you focus on the latter, you are likely to stumble on joy along the way.

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