Always prepare while there is still time.

Always lead by serving.

Always put in the hours. Avoid shortcuts.

Always tell them when they are doing well.

Always show up on time. Being on time is a sign of respect. ⏰

Always be open to being wrong and be ready to apologise when you are.

Always be willing to do the hardest part.

You can’t lead people you don’t like. Lead with a heart, not just spreadsheets and checklists.

Always spend some time reflecting. 🤔

Don’t do it for the applause, do it because it matters, even when no one is watching. ❤️

Always look for the good inside, not just what looks good outside.

Being polite is a superpower.

Always write down your ideas. Carrying a small notepad always helps. ✍️

It is always not all about you.

If you can’t manage your emotions, you will always struggle to manage your finances. 💴

Always strive to listen more than you speak. 👂

Always keep a book with you, in case of emergency. 📕

Not everything that goes through you mind should always come out of your mouth. A mouth can be a career-limit move.

Thoughts and emotions can be very tricky, always write them down and track them.

Consistency is key.

Business is not just business, it is personal too.

Good food helps everyone feel good. 🥘

Always remember to pray when you start and end your day. 🙏

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