When I go to a restaurant, I have a tendency to assess the cleanliness of the place by its restrooms.

You can tell the hygiene levels of a restaurant by the hygiene levels of the restrooms.

Often we tend to focus on the big things, the things on everyone’s eyes.

A clean, attractive and even an imaginative restroom is the best “we care” sign a retail sign or professional office can demonstrate.

The broken windows theory says that no one cares about the building when one broken window is not fixed and this results in the decay of the building over time.

Mind the restrooms. Pick up the scrap pieces of paper on the floor, keep them spotless, strive for excellence on things not seen.

How you answer your phone matters, the time you take to respond to emails matters, your tone matters, the freshness of the flowers matters, listening matters, the “thank you with a smile” matters, the pat on the back matters.

Take care of the private. Strive for excellence on things not seen.

Ultimately success is the sum of small things repeated day in and day out.

Small stuff matters, a lot. Little things make big things happen.

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