I think thanksgiving holiday or celebration is something that we should all adopt.

I love the idea of thanksgiving.

It is not about the gifts or ordering something from Takealot or Amazon, but it is about being appreciative of the air in our lungs, the friends and family we still have, it is about being grateful.

I love the idea of a day that existed just for us to say “thank you.”

To me, this day marks the start of the end-of-year reflection season.

I am the recipient of many blessings and privileges.

As I reflected on them today, I find myself very grateful for the people who have chosen to love me, for those who took a chance on me and gave me a break when I needed one, and for those who have been generous in sharing ideas and insights that have changed my life.

Finally, I remain very grateful to the many of you who take a few seconds [minutes?] of your limited attention to read these notes, share them with your friends and family, and even write back from time to time.

Writing here has changed my life and it is your presence and encouragement that reminds me of the privilege of getting to share these notes with you while simultaneously pushing me to do this privilege justice.

Thank you. I remain very grateful.

And, I wish you a very happy thanksgiving.

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