One of the mentees was complaining about being mentored on entrepreneurship by someone who is not an entrepreneur.

Basically, he was complaining about being taught how to hunt by someone who has never been in the bush.

I personally believe you can be an expert in entrepreneurship or innovation without being an entrepreneur or innovator. This makes you a good educator of the subject.

Good educators ensure we remember and apply one core idea they shared for the rest of our lives.

Great educators make us fall in love with the subject.

Outstanding educators, a rare breed, make us fall in love with learning.

While many associate education with schools, the presence of great educators is not limited to schools. Instead, they are all around around us, as managers, parents, teammates, friends, mentors, coaches, authors and leaders.

The difference between them and everyone else who attempts to educate is they do so by doing, not telling.

Good educators share what they learned from the textbook.

Great educators share what they learned from their experience.

What great educators do… is do.

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