Meditation helps you to align your inner self with what is happening around you.

Through meditation, you are able to hear yourself think, hear feelings before they get intense, you are able to see yourself from a distance and control your inner self before the outer environment controls you.

People who see the whole picture, are the ones who step out of the frame.

That ability to see ourselves from another point of view gives us instant perspective and the ability to separate stimulus from response.

The question, then, is how often do we step out of the frame in the course of a day or week?

How often do we trigger reflection and perspective?

For most of us, sleep, meditation, a walk in the outdoors, writing in a journal, taking deep breaths, running, among others, are ways to do so.

Doing most or all of these well over the course of a day are not an optional add on at the end of a work day.

They result in step changes in productivity as perspective inspires a focus on what actually matters.

And, perhaps more important for our life and relationships, they enable us to be more in touch with our humanity.

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