‘We should do lunch soon.’

‘Here is my number, we must have coffee sometime.

‘I know a guy, I will introduce you.

‘We should meet up sometime.’

‘Let’s hangout soon.’

These are some of Johannesburg’s favourite words and have now been elevated to Johannesburg’s popular proverbs.

They are always said but hardly realised.

A big part of keeping your word is keeping track of your word.

‘I will give you a call this week.

‘I will check out your song/website/project.

‘I will connect you with so-and-so

It is easy and fun to say things like this… and easy to forget to follow through.

It is more likely we will keep our word if we care as much for the person we are saying it to as we do about the emotional fix we get from saying it in the first place.

Words keep getting cheaper and cheaper, which makes action more valuable than ever.

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