No matter how long humans have been surrounded by money, most people still get confused by it.

We are approaching the festive season [December], it often called the silly season in my country.

One of the reasons it is called the silly season is because people are going to get paid their bonuses and they are going to do some silly things, mainly reckless spending.

Money gives your energy, and if you are an emotional person, you are going to use that energy emotionally and spend it recklessly.

If your mood is controlled by the level of your bank account, then you have money issues.

If you splurge on small indulgences to cheer yourself up [emotional spending], then you have money issues, if left unchecked, it will end in tears.

If you are happy because you have money and are sad because you are broke, then the problem is not money, the problem is you.

If you cannot control your emotions, you are going to struggle to control your money.

It is not about being genius that makes you financially independent, it is about your behaviour and habits.

Control your emotions, you will control your financial destiny.

Prevent your heart from hijacking your wallet.

You deserve a healthy relationship with money, you have earned it [pun intended].

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