You have always wanted to start something.

In your head, you can see it. It is crystal clear. You can see how it will look like, how it will work and how impactful it will be.

The problem is that it in your head not in front of you.

The challenge is to make it happen. You have been wanting to start, but you are scared.

What if it does not work?

What if it fails? I will look like an idiot.

Once we decide to make a difference, it is easy for doubt to set in. Because making a difference causes change, and change is scary.

One way through the fear is with community.

The team at Lora Centre have been running an accredited entrepreneurship programme for 6 years now. In that course they have created a community of like-minded people who want to start things.

Lora Centre is a community of people who start things. Who share their anxiety, their fear of failure, and the breakthrough success of seeing things that once were dreams and now are active businesses and passion projects.

If you want to start something and are looking for a group of like-minded nerds who are in the process of starting things, consider registering with Lora Centre for the accredited entrepreneurship programme which starts in January 2022.

You are not alone, there are others like you who have taken the first step and are making progress.

Take the first leap of faith and apply now online.

Take action.

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