Today marked another local government elections in South Africa. As usual many people descended to their voting stations to cast their votes.

On those long and slow moving queues, you are likely to meet all sorts of people.

Rory Pizza [@RoryPetzer] shared a Twitter thread describing the FIVE kinds of people you will find in the queues at #Elections2021today:

1. The complainers. At least one person will be trying to moan to the people around them in the queue about how long it’s taking.

These people also have all sorts of solutions on how to make the process quicker. They’ll tell you the country is a mess and ‘queues like this are unacceptable in this day and age’.

2. Those who wear the shirts of the party they’re voting for. We don’t care. Your vote is your secret. I’m not going to change my vote because I see you in your shirt. Some of them even have flags.

3. The people who get there late and then pace up and down the queue shaking their head as if someone must let them in. They will also ask someone if this is the queue for voting. No, we’re all just standing here in a line outside this school because we’re late for Geography.

4. The people who assume they know who you’re voting for based on the colour of your skin. They’ll see you and start rambling on about how the other parties are a mess and full of corruption and almost congratulate you for the vote they’re convinced you’re about to make.

5. At least one person who says: “This is a complete waste of time, but we have to do it anyway. The whole thing is rigged and it’s all corrupt.” But then, if you think it’s a waste of time, go home so I can have your spot in the queue!

Thanks Rory for sharing this.

Whether you are [1] or [5], thank you for going out there and casting your vote.

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