I was having a conversation with a colleague yesterday about the e-hailing business [Uber, Bolt] and also about the AirBnB business.

One thing I realised as were chatting is the instant feedback nature of the business that you receive after you have rendered a service to a customer.

You drop off a client, within a minute you receive feedback [the driver arrived 1 minute late, the driver refused to rap battle me uh! uh! this driver is not on fleek uh! uh!].

Someone stays at your AirBnB place, they review your place immediately when they leave. [I saw a roach, the neighbours were noisy, the view is not that good anyway]

This feedback is instant. and based on the feedback, it determines your ratings, and that drives your sales [or lack therefore]

It does not get as real as this. One slip up, and baaaammm, one star rating.

Even more, with AirBnB, the feedback in public. If they hated your place, they will say it out loud for future guests to see.

If you are not used to or you are not prepared to receive instant feedback, maybe this is not a business for you.

But even better, if you want to learn customer care, how to deal with difficult clients, how to impress clients, this type of business is a great training ground.

When we say the customer is king/queen, this type business is brings that into reality instantly.

Customer care is important, but more important, you have care about people.

If you are flippant, or narcissistic, you will struggle with instant feedback and customers.

Customer care requires that you care, truly care, even when it is difficult to care.

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