A status game is a battle to have superiority over the other person.

Status games are played to feed ego. It feels good to be right. It provides for a dopamine rush.

The following are the various status games we play:

1. The Money Status Game – The easiest example of a status game is the one we all think about, but try not to say out loud. Who makes the most money?

2. The Materialistic Status Game – What do you do when you are rich and wanna brag, but don’t wanna share screenshots of your bank account? Right, you buy luxurious things. Some common examples, luxury cars, branded clothes and designer handbags

3. The intellectual Status Game – This one you were forced into playing, whether you liked it or not. The one where they judged your position in class, by how good your grades were. Do well, and you get put on a privileged path. Stumble at the beginning, and you are forever chasing an uphill battle.

4. The Social Status Game – You knew this one growing up: who was the most popular boy/girl in school? Or put another way: in your social circle, who has the most power?

5. The Social Media Game – How many social media followers do you have? Gain enough, then you get to call yourself an influencer, and have big brands throw money at you.

Biologically, it seems that humans are primed for hierarchy. We want to compare and know who is Number 1.

I think most of these games are not worth playing.

I can actually only think of one status game worth playing. And that is the game you play against yourself.

When we strip away all our pride and egos, I have found the below to be the only comparison that matters:

“Am I a better person today than I was yesterday?”

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