I was playing Monopoly with my nephew and his friends recently.

Every time we land on one my nephew’s properties, he would scream demanding payment from his opponent. “Pay up, pay up” he would shout, squinting at his card for the amount we owe him.

When he lands on “chance card” and the card says he must pay school fees he shouts and throws the card on the floor “oh no, I don’t like paying school fees.

Also when he has to pay his friends for landing in their properties, he is the first one to demand his change back.

The moral of the story:

1st: Entrepreneurs enjoy making money but don’t like paying… and clearly this unfortunate trend starts at a young age.

2nd: Personally I hope he learns paying for his school fees is not a pleasant thing and so he must make sure he passes at school.

3rd: Ironically even though he does not like paying school fees, by playing Monopoly he is getting free entrepreneurship lessons. 🙂

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