I’m not sure when did we become defensive about customer care.

I suspect it might have been when we began to put more distance between the customer and us.

In the days when there was a cash register that rang with ‘real money’, when we sold eye-to-eye and transacted hand-to-hand, instead of digitally, we had no choice but to ‘see’ our customers and say sawubona.

The transaction itself was as good as a handshake. Word and bond. No us and them, only us.

Now we build barriers.

We expect the customer, not the company, to take responsibility.

We create guarantees that protect us from having to fulfil them.

We armour up against customers.

We require proof of purchase that leaves no room for us to be exploited by the shady few and sadly, fewer opportunities to delight the honest majority.

Customers are looking for companies that truly cares, not just say they care.

Caring far more critical than saying you care.

Acts of caring trumps words of saying you care.

When we find a company that cares, no questions asked we should celebrate them.

Truly caring is when we buy a product that comes with a lifetime warranty.

If product fails, we can bring it back, and they will repair it. The only proof of purchase we need is the product that let me down.

The days of COVID-19 reminds us to put more care in customer care.

Don’t say you care, show it.

Give a damn, many damns, more damns than anyone.


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