Today marks 9 years of me blogging on this platform.

According to WordPress, in these 9 years, have posted 3296 articles, this a equivalent to one blog post a day for 9 years. I remember day one when I started blogging as if it was yesterday.

I started writing here because I thought I would learn how to write better and think better.

And, while I hope I have gotten better at that, I am certain that this process has taught me how to live and think better. And, I could not be more grateful.

It is easy to conclude that great thinkers write better, but I have learned in the past nine years, that when you write, consistently, every day, you get to think better.

It is when you write consistently, that you learn to think better.

It is easy to come to the conclusion that someone is generous or inspired and so they do the work. But it is more likely that doing the work makes you generous or inspired.

It was author, Seth Godin that motivated me to begin this journey. He said:

Don’t wait for a chair at the table.  Bring your own chair…or table.

This blog has become my “table.”

Thank you for being part of the journey.

It is only just day one.

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