Confidence is knowing you can do the job and not feeling the need to tell people.

Arrogance is knowing you can’t do the job but being afraid to admit it.

Confidence is kindness because you don’t need to constantly prove you are better than others.

Arrogance is rudeness because you are constantly trying to prove you are better than others.

Confidence is a humble demeanour backed up by inner strength.

Arrogance is a boastful attitude backed up by inner doubt.

Arrogance requires advertising, confidence speaks for it’s self.

Confidence is self-assurance.

Arrogance is insecurity.

Arrogance is the opposite of confidence. 

When you see arrogance in someone, feel sorry for him.

Inside there is a scared and insecure child.

PS: Inspired by characters from the book VBS: A Dream Defrauded by Dewald van Rensburg

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