Seth Godin shared an interesting blog post today that got me thinking most of the day:

In reference to clocks, he says the following:



Either you’re using time.

Or it’s using you.

You can watch the clock, but if you do, it’s watching you.

Clocks have an agenda. They aren’t a part of the human condition–they’re fairly recent. They enabled industrialism, and the very fact that they have an ‘alarm’ built in is a clue.

It’s definitely possible to put time to good use.

But if we’re without a compass and a goal, we can find it using us.


“Clocks have an agenda.”

The thing with clocks is that you either use them or they use you.

Either you are on time and chasing time.

If you use clocks, you will always be on time and organised. If clocks use you, you will always be late, chasing for flights and deadlines.

Time is fleeting, use it wisely.

Thank you for the reminder Seth.

Image by Monoar Rahman Rony

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