The highest form of maturity is interdependence, not independence.

Success in business [and in life] is a team sport.

Weather you are an olympic swimmer, 800 meter distance runner or an author, the people around you, the environment you are in, influences your success.

According to the Maturity Continuum by Stephen Covey in his book 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, he defines the 3 pillars of the Continuum as:

Dependence            : You need others to get what you want [attitude of you]

Independence        : You get what you want through your own effort [attitude of I]

Interdependence   : Cooperate together to accomplish what we want [attitude of we]

So interdependence is akin to marriage, it is not about I or you but rather is about we.

But there is a catch and that is: if you and I are not independent than we cannot be interdependent. 

Why is it so?

Because we cannot learn to cooperate with other people until we have learned self-mastery which is an integral part of being independent.

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