Two areas every founder should be exceptional at:

1. Spreadsheets

The ability to play with financial models and projections givens you an insight about performance of your business.

If you don’t know your numbers you don’t know your business.

2. Storytelling

Knowing “what” story to tell, and knowing “how” to tell it [where to start and where to end] is even more important.

When you know your numbers [market trends, key metrics, financials, competitor analysis, customer demographic etc] and you understand how to deliver that in an easy to consume narrative without all the fluff, you got the formula for how to appeal to customers.

People remember stories far more than facts and figures.

The ability to convert your numbers, and your product into a compelling story is something that goes a long way in connecting with the soul of your customers.

You want to be a person who excels in spreadsheets and shines in storytelling.

Stories appeal to emotions. Emotions lead to action.

Ps: If you cannot do one of these, find a partner that does.

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