3 years ago I had the privilege of being invited to give a TEDx talk in Mahikeng, north-west of South Africa.

Even though I knew what I wanted to say, it was struggle to put the talk together. 3 years later, the talk has reached 10,000 views.

I have dedicated the work I do, my WHY, to be about the social upliftment of people through entrepreneurship and education.

But firstly, in order to uplift others, you need to see them, acknowledge them, see their potential.

We need to see people as people, not a poverty statistics or problems to be solved.

My talk takes it’s roots from the ancient isiZulu greeting called Sawubona.

Thank you for watching the talk and sharing it.

I believe the talk is still relevant today given that we still grapple with issues of inequality and social injustice.

Let us continue to see others as people who matter even if they do not have fancy status or sophisticated titles.


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