Seeing people as people not as objects, changes everything.

When we see people who struggle, and when we see their pain, it is difficult to un-see what you have been.

There are more common people, not rich, not famous, that we meet in our daily lives. Our family members, coworkers, friends, neighbours, enemies, those who will never be on TV, these are people who are full of surprises, ideas and greatness.

These people survived trauma, they sacrificed for love, they have worked hard against all odds, they have dreamed and failed, and accomplished, they have collapsed in weariness, they have had their hearts broken, they have loved again, they have made hard choices, they have endured when they had no choice, they have made cookies for the fundraising sale, they changed a stranger’s tyre, they have cheered for the local primary school play, they have stretched a thin salary so that they can donate to charity, they have forgiven, they have laughed, they have tried.

All these things make up the great tapestry of human experience.

There is greatness all around us, because there are people all around us.

Don’t turn away, don’t look the other direction because they are not famous, or award-winning people.

Sawubona is about seeing people as people, not as name-dropping friends with titles.

Sawubona, we see you. We see you as you are and we are not turning away because you are not a so-called important person.

We see you as a person.

To see people as people is a great gift.

We see you as you are and we are not turning away. This is the rich sweat humanity we all long for. This is the end-game, the pinnacle, the focus of everything that every person desires.

Seeing one another as we are and not turning away is the heart of what we strive for in our lives and relationships.

Ps: Seeing is not the same as looking. You can see and acknowledge a person without looking.

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