A good career takes hard work.

A good relationship takes more hard work.

A good life and happiness takes some more hard work.

Why, even a great vacation requires a lot of hard work.

True happiness and hard work come together. We can never stop working hard if we want to live good lives. We just shift the focus of our hard work from our careers to our families to our personal projects and so on. The challenges only get harder and never ever stop. But, on the upside, once we learn to work hard, we also learn to prioritise better, focus harder and bring more of ourselves to our lives.

Whether it is at work or home, put in the hours, do the work.

When you want to take shortcuts at work, you will want to do the same in your personal life.

So, we are left with two choices:

  • attempt to find the short cuts and escape the work or
  • embrace the hard work totally, live well, and bring more of ourselves to the world.

We are successful when we stop seeing the first choice and we are happy when we embrace the second.

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