A great tourist trip is not about waking up at 6am and staying out 12 hours a day attempting to pack it all in.

No, a great tourist trip starts when you are willing to sit down and say: 

‘I’m at peace with the fact that I’m not going to be able to see and do everything. What do I really want to see? Why am I going to this place in the first place?”

Great writers do not write for everyone.

Great directors do not direct for everyone.

Great entrepreneurs do not build enterprises for everyone.

And, by extension, great people do not aim to leave everyone they know with a positive impression.

The moment we move on to asking ourselves why we are doing what we are doing and what we want to achieve, we realise that the de-facto purpose of squeezing everything in/pleasing everyone was never the purpose.

It is interesting how the acceptance that we cannot have/do everything results in us actually having a shot at having/doing “everything”… in our definition at least.

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