Looking forward to something is fun because you get to script it however you want.

That freedom in your mind to script the future however you want is seductive, because you are always the boss and there’s always more future to script and idealise.

So we forgo embracing the reality [the pain, disappointment, joy, contentment] of the present, because it is just not as controllable as the future in our head.

If you are constantly looking forward you will get really good at looking forward.

But getting good at looking forward is not the way to get good at embracing reality.

But in order to be present for when the thing you are looking forward to finally comes around, you must stop constantly practicing looking forward and start opening your eyes to right now. It is the only way to begin truly living in reality.

Entrepreneurs always have their heads in the clouds, always forward-looking and thinking about how great thing will be.

At some point, it helps to come back to mother-earth and face the challenges and realities of untangling knots.

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