Yesterday we have another amazing session with four entrepreneurs sharing their biggest business and professional blunders.

Here are some of their blunders and lessons learned:

  1. Don’t be too attached. Your services may be irrelevant in the near future.
  2. Reinvent yourself. The market is always changing.
  3. Learn to delegate. Work On your business, not IN your business.
  4. Who you get married to or partner with influences how far you go in your entrepreneurship journey.
  5. When you leave a comfortable full job to start your business, downgrade lifestyle to the most important essentials.
  6. Invest in multiple sources of income.
  7. Create more work so that you can earn royalty even during hard times.
  8. Ask more questions, go deeper when you get involved in new things.
  9. Never make permanent decisions from temporary feelings.
  10. Secure the bag before leaving your full time job to start your business.
  11. Calculate the costs of leaving your full time job. [emotional, physical, and financial]
  12. As a startup, be humble. Appreciate the opportunities that are beneath you.
  13. Plan your growth, don’t allow growth to happen to you.
  14. Look after your small clients, they will keep you in business.
  15. Grow with your customers.

My Biggest Blunders is a platform where entrepreneurs and other professionals are vulnerable enough to share their professional blunders and mistakes and lessons learned.

Check the talks on My Biggest Blunders YouTube channel.

Watch out for the next instalment of My Biggest Blunders in June 2021. To receive updates on the next My Biggest Blunders event, please register here —> MyBiggestBlundersDatabase

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