Successful innovations always start with the customer’s story.

The products and services people use and keep coming back to, create a change in that story.

There is life before the product or service existed and a different life after.

And so if follows, then, we succeed by thinking less about what we are creating, and more about what change we are creating.

Starting with the customer problem and not our solution is not something that comes naturally to us, which is why commodities exist.

Meaningful innovations and brands that we come to love, make us feel different because that’s what they were designed to do from the outset.

You start with the customer’s job to be done, and then reverse engineer to the innovation.

Sawubona, we see you, we understand you, we care about you, we want to be part of your solution.

The magic happens when we put the customer’s story front and centre, not the technology.

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