There is not a whole lot of innovation in the milk business these days. Milk is not getting better. Milk is milk.

Except changing the packaging into a purple cow carton, milk is remains milk, the product does not change, the packaging does.

You can have a purple cow cover, but not purple milk.

So if you were to start a new milk company how would you stand out from the crowd?

That was the question posed to all of us sitting in university marketing 101 class.

The assignment was to come up with a slogan or a tag line for our new milk that would help sell the product.

Now I don’t remember what mark I got in the class but I do remember that when we went around the room and read aloud what we came up with, I aced the assignment.

“This Ain’t Your Momma’s Milk.”

If you are getting into the milk business you use everything but the actual product in order to sell the product. The product remains the same.

Luckily for most of us we get to make our actual products better, innovate, tweak the formula, find a new twist on an old theme, be the one and only, be similar but different.

Not only can we change the package, but we can also change the product. Don’t miss that opportunity.

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