Alan shared this short blog post, I loved it and I thought it is worth sharing:


When you look at a tree, the flower is most readily noticeable.

But it comes and goes.

What about a leaf or a branch?

A leaf is green and pretty, but animals eat it.

The branch seems more resilient.

Would you rather be a branch or the trunk?

A branch is strong and carries the leaves but can be broken.

The trunk is sturdy.

Would you rather be a trunk or a root?

A trunk is sturdy and carries branches, leaves, and flowers, but can burn in a fire.

The root will still be there, even after a fire.

Roots. That’s what you want to be

On first glance, not impressive.

In fact, unless you understand the make-up of a tree, you wouldn’t guess there are roots.

They’re invisible, but they’ll the most powerful.


A flower everyone sees, but it does not last long. A root no-one sees but lasts longer and is the engine that drives everything.

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